Operations - Alpha Fire Company

Command Staff

The Command Staff of the Alpha Fire Company is comprised of both elected and appointed positions. The elected officers serve a yearly term and the appointed staff serves as long as they are appointed to the position.

The elected positions are as follows: The appointed positions are as follows:

500 – Chief
501 – First Assistant Chief
502 – Second Assistant Chief
503 – Third Assistant Chief
504 – Fourth Assistant Chief
540 – Safety Officer
541 – Assistant Safety Officer
591 – Engine Captain
592 – Truck Captain
593 – Rescue Captain
594 – Engine Lieutenant
595 – Engine Lieutenant
596 – Engine Lieutenant
597 – Truck Lieutenant
598 – Rescue Lieutenant

The Command Staff is responsible for all fireground operations and any other responsibilities as assigned by the Chief. To assist the Command Staff the Alpha Fire Company operates a command unit (534). This unit is equipped with radio communication systems, computers, and other aids for the Command Officer. In addition the Chief has use of the Chief’s Car (538).

Command Unit 534

The command unit is a 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe. The vehicle is rotated between the line officers as a rapid response unit, available on a 24 hour basis. When assigned to a particular line officer, that officer responds to all alarms, and assumes incident command, and all chief’s calls during their duty shift – typically a 24 hour period or throughout the weekend.

Chief’s Car 538

This vehicle is assigned to the Fire Chief and serves as a supplement to the Command Unit (534) at large incidents as well as for the Chief to travel to various company functions and government meetings. It is a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor model.

Engine Company

The tasks assigned to the Engine Company are arguably the most important on the fireground. Engine companies are the backbone of the fire service and focus on providing a water supply, locating the seat of the fire, and extinguishing the fire. Engine company duties may consist of stretching a single firehose to extinguish a small nuisance fire to supplying multiple hand lines and large master streams to extinguish residential and commercial building fires. To perform these duties, the officer and firefighters in the engine work as a close knit team.

Engine 510

Engine 510 is a 2005 Pierce Dash with seating for 6, Tak-4 Independent Front Suspension, Detroit Series 60 motor, an Allison EVS 4000 automatic transmission. The unit carries 750 gallons of water and 15 gallons of Class A foam with 6 pre-connected hose lines and is capable of pumping in excess of 1500 gallons of water per minute and 12 gallons of foam per minute. The unit is equipped with a 15kW hydraulic generator which powers 7500 Watts of fixed and portable scene lighting along with two pre-connected “Jaws of Life” rescue tools. It is currently serving as our primary engine at the Borough Station.

See more images of Engine 510 in our Image Gallery.

Engine 512

Engine 512 is a 2002 Pierce Dash Custom Engine. It has a 1500 gallons per minute water pump, a fire fighting foam system and 750 gallon water tank. It is presently serving as the secondary engine at the Borough Station.

See more images of Engine 512 in our Image Gallery.

Engine 513

Engine 513 is a 1996 KME Renegade with an 8 man cab. It has a 1500 gallon per minute water pump and a 600 gallon water tank. It also has a fire fighting foam system with a 40 gallon class A foam tank. It is presently serving as the second due engine at the College Township Station.

See more images of Engine 513 in our Image Gallery.

Engine 514

Engine 514 is a2002 Pierce Dash Custom Engine. It has a 1500 gallon per minute water pump , a fire fighting foam system, and a 750 gallon water tank. It is also equipped with a set of “Jaws of Life” tools along with other rescue equipment. It is presently serving as the first due engine at the Patton Township Station.






See more images of Engine 514 in our Image Gallery.

Tanker 519

Tanker 519 is a 1991 KME International. It has a 1500 gallon water tank with a 500 gallon per minute water pump. Though the Alpha’s are based in State College, many fire calls in our coverage area do not have the protection afforded by a hydrant system and must rely on tanker support for firefighting operations.

See more images of Tanker 519 in our Image Gallery.

Tanker 520

Tanker 520 is located at the Patton Township Station. Along with Tanker 519, it serves all of the rural areas of Alpha’s territory as well as providing mutual aid. 520 was built by 4 Guys Fire on a 2005 International 7400 Chassis and features a 2000 Gallon water tank, and a 1000 gallon per minute water pump,

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Truck Company

In contrast to engine company operations, the truck company relies on independent action by the assigned firefighters. Truck company members have additional training, experience and ability to perform their responsibilities without direct supervision or assistance. The Truck Company performs a myriad of tasks that, in conjunction with the Engine company, are critical to controlling and extinguishing a fire. Chief among these tasks are locating the fires location and determining building layout and construction type, search and rescue, contolling utilities such as gas and electric services, ventilating the structure to remove smoke and superheated gasses, slavaging property to preclude further damge to the property, and conducting overhaul to ensure the fire has been completely extinguished.

Tower 516

Tower Ladder 516 is a 2007 Sutphen model SPH100 Aerial Platform with a 100’ foot boom ladder. The truck has seating for 6, is 48 ft long with a 236” wheel base, a 515 hp Detroit Series 60 Diesel motor and an Allison Heavy Duty EVS transmission.

516 is equipped with numerous ground and extension ladders, scene lighting, forcible entry tools, and ventilation fans, and additional truck company tools.

See more images of Truck 516 in our Image Gallery.

Tower 517

Tower 517 is a newly refurbishment apparatus. 517 is a Pierce Arrow XT tandem axle chassis with seating for 6, a 515 HP Detroit Series 60 motor, 6 speed Allison EVS 4000 Transmission, and a 20 KW Hydraulic Generator.

Quint 527

Quint 527 is a 75 Foot Aerial PUC Quint on a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT Chassis.

527 is called a ‘quint’ since it combines a number of capabilities of both the Engine and Truck companies into one apparatus. Features of the unit include: TAK- 4 independent front suspension, seating for six, with a 515 HP Detroit Diesel Series 60 coupled to an Allison EVS 4000 transmission. The unit features a 1500 gallon per minute water pump along with a firefighting foam system, a 500 gallon water tank and a 30 gallon class A foam tank. The 75 foot aerial ladder is equipped with a waterway and a 1500 gallon per minute remote controlled nozzle. The Quint also holds numerous ground and extension ladders, and is also equipped with vehicle rescue equipment, including “Jaws of Life” tools.

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Rescue Company

The Alpha’s Rescue Company is primarily comprised of Rescue 518, however Engines 510 and 514 and Quint 527 are all equipped with hydraulic tools, basic vehicle stabilization, and fluid control equipment.

Rescue 518 is often referred to as the “big toolbox on wheels” since it is equipped with a wide variety of tools, ranging from common household implements to specialized vehicle stabilization and extrication equipment.

Rescue 518

Rescue 518 is a Saulsbury Cougar Series Rescue on a Spartan Gladiator Long four-door Chassis with a 370 HP Detroit Series 60 Diesel, Allison HD-4060P Automatic Transmission.

Its features include emergency scene lighting, a breathing apparatus fill station, an electric winch, and a wide variety of vehicle, industrial, and fire rescue tools.

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Support Services

Utility 522

A 2005 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab, used mainly for fireground support bringing additional staffing and equipment, transportation to training, and for brush fires. 522 provides fireground support services and is equipped with a small water tank, pump, and hose reel along with various other tools for minor brush fires and scenarios not requiring the use of an engine.

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Fire Police

The Alpha Fire Police serve an important role within the fire department. They risk their lives to provide traffic control and scene safety for the firefighters. They brave the harshest weather and put in long hours to ensure that emergency responders are kept safe. They are often the first on the scene, and the last to leave.

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