Rescue Company - Alpha Fire Company

Rescue Company

The Alpha’s Rescue Company is primarily comprised of Rescue 518, however Engines 510 and 514 and Quint 527 are all equipped with hydraulic tools, basic vehicle stabilization, and fluid control equipment.

Rescue 518 is often referred to as the “big toolbox on wheels” since it is equipped with a wide variety of tools, ranging from common household implements to specialized vehicle stabilization and extrication equipment.

Rescue 518

Rescue 518 is a Saulsbury Cougar Series Rescue on a Spartan Gladiator Long four-door Chassis with a 370 HP Detroit Series 60 Diesel, Allison HD-4060P Automatic Transmission.

Its features include emergency scene lighting, a breathing apparatus fill station, an electric winch, and a wide variety of vehicle, industrial, and fire rescue tools.