Truck Company - Alpha Fire Company

Truck Company

In contrast to engine company operations, the truck company relies on independent action by the assigned firefighters. Truck company members have additional training, experience and ability to perform their responsibilities without direct supervision or assistance. The Truck Company performs a myriad of tasks that, in conjunction with the Engine company, are critical to controlling and extinguishing a fire. Chief among these tasks are locating the fires location and determining building layout and construction type, search and rescue, contolling utilities such as gas and electric services, ventilating the structure to remove smoke and superheated gasses, slavaging property to preclude further damge to the property, and conducting overhaul to ensure the fire has been completely extinguished.

Tower 516

Tower Ladder 516 is a 2007 Sutphen model SPH100 Aerial Platform with a 100’ foot boom ladder. The truck has seating for 6, is 48 ft long with a 236” wheel base, a 515 hp Detroit Series 60 Diesel motor and an Allison Heavy Duty EVS transmission.

516 is equipped with numerous ground and extension ladders, scene lighting, forcible entry tools, and ventilation fans, and additional truck company tools.

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Tower 517

Tower 517 is a newly refurbishment apparatus. 517 is a Pierce Arrow XT tandem axle chassis with seating for 6, a 515 HP Detroit Series 60 motor, 6 speed Allison EVS 4000 Transmission, and a 20 KW Hydraulic Generator.

Quint 527

Quint 527 is a 75 Foot Aerial PUC Quint on a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT Chassis.

527 is called a ‘quint’ since it combines a number of capabilities of both the Engine and Truck companies into one apparatus. Features of the unit include: TAK- 4 independent front suspension, seating for six, with a 515 HP Detroit Diesel Series 60 coupled to an Allison EVS 4000 transmission. The unit features a 1500 gallon per minute water pump along with a firefighting foam system, a 500 gallon water tank and a 30 gallon class A foam tank. The 75 foot aerial ladder is equipped with a waterway and a 1500 gallon per minute remote controlled nozzle. The Quint also holds numerous ground and extension ladders, and is also equipped with vehicle rescue equipment, including “Jaws of Life” tools.