Recent Calls

Date posted: November 16, 2014

Total Time On Call: 2 hours
Units Responding: Engines 510, 514, Truck 517, Rescue 518, Centre LifeLink EMS
Officer In Charge: Chief 500 - Jeff Martin

At 0451 hours on November 16th, Box 512 was struck alerting the Company for a building fire at 1000 W Aaron Dr Building F. As Chief 500 responded, Centre County advised police were on scene reporting substantial smoke coming from the building. The night shift responded in Engine 510 and arrived on scene with their own hydrant to find a 2 story garden apartment with smoke showing from the first floor entrance. A leader line with an 1 3/4″ was quickly deployed and the crew extinguished the fire, containing it to a storage closet in the common area of the first floor. Truck 517 and Engine 514 arrived and began ventilation as well as primary searches of the apartments. All searches were negative. Crews began to pick up and the box was placed available a short time later.

Date posted: September 28, 2014

Total Time On Call:
Units Responding: Engine 510, Engine 512, Engine 514, Rescue 518, Fire Police 536 and 537
Officer In Charge: Safety Officer 540 - Stan Clouser

At 1355 hours on September 28th, Company 5 responded to a vehicle accident with entrapment on Park Avenue at Innovation Park, Exit B by the Penn Stater Conference Center. Dispatch reported one vehicle into a barrier with fire and one unresponsive patient. When the company arrived on scene, crews set to work extinguishing the fire and extracting the patient. News reports confirmed that the patient expired at the hospital. Company 5 would like to express our condolences to the family.

Date posted: September 19, 2014

Total Time On Call:
Units Responding: Engine 514, Engine 510, Quint 527, Fire Police 537, Director 5500, Ferguson Township Police.
Officer In Charge: Chief 500 - Jeff Martin

At 2308 on September 18, Company 5 was alerted to an automatic fire alarm at 1450 N. Atherton Street, Hoss’s restaurant. While in route, the box was upgraded to a building fire with multiple calls indicating fire on the roof. Engine 514 arrived and confirmed smoke showing from the roof and a smoke condition in the building. The Engine Crew pulled a handline to the kitchen and discovered a fire under the hood unit with the fire suppression system active. Quint 527, working as a Truck, arrived and sent a crew to the roof to start ventilating the smoke. Since the automatic fire suppression system did its job, crews were able to concentrate on ventilation.


Date posted: August 25, 2014

Total Time On Call: 2 hours
Units Responding: Engines 512, 510 Rescue 518, Fire Police 536, 537
Officer In Charge: Chief 500

On Sunday night, the Alpha Fire Company was alerted for a vehicle crash with unknown injuries on Whitehall Road in the area of Tadpole Road. As Engine 512 and Chief 500 responded, Centre County advised of rollover and reports of entrapment. 512 arrived on scene and confirmed one vehicle on it’s wheels, off the roadway, with one patient trapped. The crew stabilized the vehicle, made patient access, and removed the roof as Rescue 518 arrived on scene. Both crews then cut the steering wheel, displaced the driver’s door, performed a modified dash lift, and finally removed the patient. Engine 510 established a landing zone and the patient was flown.