Recent Calls

Date posted: July 9, 2014

Total Time On Call: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Units Responding: Engines 510, 514, Truck 517, Rescue 518, Quint 527, Fire Police, Ferguson Township Police
Officer In Charge: Chief 501 - Shawn Kauffman

The Alphas were called to Longfellow Lane in Ferguson Township for a report of smoke coming from the roof of a house. Chief 501 arrived on scene and confirmed smoke showing with flames visible on the second floor to the rear of the structure. Engine 510 arrived, forced entry and began knockdown. Truck 517 then sent a crew to the roof to open a vent. Crews from 514 and 527 assisted with overhaul and the box was placed available.

Date posted: July 3, 2014

Total Time On Call:
Units Responding: 510, 514, 536, 537. Port Matilda EMS, Company 15, Pennsylvania State Police.
Officer In Charge: Chief 1500

Company 5 and Company 5 Fire Police responded to I-99 Southbound between State College and Port Matilda for a reported tractor trailer rollover. Fire Police assisted in closing the right lane until PennDOT arrived.

Date posted: May 29, 2014

Total Time On Call:
Units Responding: 536, 537, Special Unit 522, State College Police, Centre Life Link EMS
Officer In Charge: 570

Fire police were dispatched to the 300 block of South Allen Street to assist State College Police in shutting down the road between Foster Avenue and Nittany Avenue due to an incident that occurred near an apartment building. Special Unit 522 assisted with securing the scene.

Date posted: May 28, 2014

Total Time On Call:
Units Responding: Engines 510, 512, Truck 516, Rescue 518, Fire Police 536, 537, Ferguson Township Police
Officer In Charge: 504 - Jason Troup

Alphas responded to a report of building fire at the Quality Inn, 1274 North Atherton Street. Ferguson Township Police on scene reported a smoke condition on the 2nd floor with evacuation underway. The cause was determined to be electrical.