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Date posted: February 19, 2015

Total Time On Call:
Units Responding:
Officer In Charge:

The 2015 training calendar has been updated.  Sign-up sheets are in the main station for hosted courses.  Any questions see Asst. Chief Harris.  2015 Calendar

Date posted: February 3, 2015

Total Time On Call: 4 hours
Units Responding: Engines 510, 512, 514, Truck 516, Quint 527, Rescue 518, Mutual Aid from Company 2 and Company 3
Officer In Charge: Assistant Chief 5502 - Dennis Harris

On February 3rd, 2015, the Alpha Fire Company responded to a building fire at 705 S Atherton St. Truck Lieutenant 597 arrived to confirm a working fire in a service garage and brought the 2nd alarm. Engine 512 and Truck 516 arrived and first due crews deployed multiple hand lines to attack the fire and protect a commercial building exposure to the rear. The garage fire was knocked down and a successful interior attack was made on the rear exposure, saving the building from more significant damage. Crews remained on scene for an extended time for overhaul and clean-up. This was the Company’s 3rd working fire in 24 hours. Again, a big thank you to the mutual aid companies for the assistance, and thank you to Engine 814 and Truck 5716 for covering our area while we were out.

Date posted:

Total Time On Call: 6 hours
Units Responding: Engines 510, 512, 513, 514, Tankers 519, 520, Quint 527, Truck 517, Rescue 518, Fire Police 536, 537, Utilities 521, 522, 538, Mutual Aid Companies
Officer In Charge: Fire Director 5500 - Steve Bair

On February 2nd, 2015, Truck 516 and Tankers 519 and 520 responded to a dwelling fire in Potter Township (Company 4). Tankers provided water while 516 conducted searches, vertical ventilation, and overhaul. While they were operating, Company 5 was dispatched to a barn fire on Rhodes Farm Ln. Confirming a working fire, Tankers 519 and 520 broke off the Potter Twp fire and responded in addition to Engine 510, 512, 513, and 514. As the call progressed, every unit in the Alpha Fire Company fleet (with the exception of 516) responded to the fire, as well as multiple mutual aid companies, before it was finally brought under control a couple of hours later. Pictures below are from the barn fire.

Date posted: February 2, 2015

Total Time On Call:
Units Responding:
Officer In Charge:

On the morning of February 2, 2015 a member of the Alpha Fire Company posted a tweet to advise followers that East College Avenue was closed due to a serious motor vehicle accident. Sadly, this accident resulted in a fatality. The tweet included a photograph depicting the severity of the crash.
This tweet should not have included a photo. The intent of the person posting was to explain the reason for the road closure, remind people that the roads are more treacherous than many believe, and that the road will be closed for an extended period. This could have, and should have, been conveyed without inclusion of the photo.

We truly regret any harm to any person who was upset or offended by the posting of this photograph. It was unnecessary, it is inconsistent with our policies, and we regret the action.

Questions regarding this information may be directed to: Steven W. Bair, Centre Region Fire Director: 814-237-4127.