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Date posted: August 25, 2014

Total Time On Call: 2 hours
Units Responding: Engines 512, 510 Rescue 518, Fire Police 536, 537
Officer In Charge: Chief 500

On Sunday night, the Alpha Fire Company was alerted for a vehicle crash with unknown injuries on Whitehall Road in the area of Tadpole Road. As Engine 512 and Chief 500 responded, Centre County advised of rollover and reports of entrapment. 512 arrived on scene and confirmed one vehicle on it’s wheels, off the roadway, with one patient trapped. The crew stabilized the vehicle, made patient access, and removed the roof as Rescue 518 arrived on scene. Both crews then cut the steering wheel, displaced the driver’s door, performed a modified dash lift, and finally removed the patient. Engine 510 established a landing zone and the patient was flown.

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Total Time On Call:
Units Responding:
Officer In Charge:

This past Sunday, the Alpha Fire Company held it’s annual Back to Basics Academy. Members drilled on basic skills such as donning gear and SCBA, water supply, stretching attack and back-up lines, searching, forcible entry, throwing ladders, and vertical ventilation. Members ended the day with two run-ins, simulating a real fire and performing all fire ground operations. A couple of members from Company 15 also participated in the training. It was a good, long training that reinforced the basic skills for everyone.

Date posted: July 27, 2014

Total Time On Call:
Units Responding: Engines 510, 512, 514, Truck 517, Rescue 518, Quint 527, Boalsburg Engine 311, Bellefonte Truck 216, Pleasant Gap Engine 810, Alpha Fire Police 536, 537
Officer In Charge: Chief 501 - Shawn Kauffman

During the height of the rain storm on Sunday evening, Box 521 was struck for a dwelling fire with the report of a lightning strike and flames through the roof. Engine Capt 591 arrived on scene to confirm a working attic fire in a 1 1/2 story lightweight wood-frame quadriplex. Engine 512 layed in, forced entry, and stretched an 1 3/4 line to the second floor. Crews experienced heavy smoke and it was evident that the fire had spread throughout the majority of the attic. After confirming there were no occupants inside the structure, Command initiated a tactical withdrawal and defensive operations. Two elevated master streams went into service as multiple hand lines were stretched into the 3 exposures. The fire was knocked down and the interior exposure crews, with help from the built in fire separations, kept it from spreading to the exposures. The box was placed available a while later. During the fire, Company 5 was dispatched to an additional 7 calls as a result of the storm. We would like to thank all of our mutual aid companies for the assistance!

As crews were drying off and cleaning equipment, box 521 was struck again about an hour after the initial box was placed in service when the fire rekindled. Engines 512 and 514 responded back to the scene to extinguish it. Photos of the second response are now posted on page 3.

Date posted: July 25, 2014

Total Time On Call:
Units Responding:
Officer In Charge:

The Alpha Fire Company announces the return of its popular Firefighter-for-a-Day event. This event provides a unique opportunity to those who have considered becoming a volunteer firefighter at Alpha or who simply want to learn more about the role of a firefighter. The event will be held from 6:00 pm Friday, August 15 through 6:00 pm Saturday, August 16. The Alpha Fire Company last hosted this event in 2011.

According to Chief Jeff Martin, a twenty seven-year Alpha volunteer, the event is hands-on with participants experiencing fire station life, handling gear and equipment, and responding to emergency calls. “It is 24 hours at Alpha” says Martin, who adds “The enrollment is limited to ten to maximize the involvement of participants”. Centre Region residents are given first priority for enrollment. In prior years the company gained two or three new members after they participated in the event.

In addition to bunking-in at the fire station, this year’s participants will handle hoses, work in a smoke-filled environment, and operate vehicle rescue equipment. All meals and equipment are provided by Alpha and there is no cost to participate in the program. Interested persons are asked to register for this event by Tuesday, August 12. To register, fill out the registration and application forms found here:

2014 Alpha Firefighter For A Day Forms

or stop by Alpha’s Borough Fire Station at 400 W. Beaver Avenue in State College Borough.

For more information:

Contact: Assistant Chief Tony Berrena or Fire Director Steve Bair
Phone: 814-237-4127 or 814-237-5359