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Alpha Fire Company Salutes Volunteers Everywhere.

There are unsung heroes everywhere you look, everywhere you go, in places you may or may not know. They’re volunteers, plain and simple — and we’d like to take a moment to recognize their efforts as part of The Points of Lights Foundation’s National Volunteer Week. There’s no telling who a volunteer might be — because they come in all shapes and sizes, are from all ethnicities and backgrounds, and do real and meaningful things from age 8 past … [Read more...]

What Is Fire Made Of? Alpha Fire Company Answers A Burning Question.

Fire’s been around so long, it was treated by the ancient Greeks as an actual element alongside air, water, and soil.   The now-vintage Bruce Willis movie The Fifth Element also treated fire similar to the Greeks of old; adding Milla Jojovich as the remarkable “perfect being” 5th element who eventually helps to save the world. It’s no wonder fire or flames are easily interpreted as elemental building blocks of our … [Read more...]