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We’re Glad To Meet You When There Isn’t An Emergency.

As firefighters, we often say we’re in “the bad day business.” Whether it’s a fire call, a traffic accident or emergency, or a disrupting event in a local community like a gas leak or natural disaster, we fully and soberly accept our first responder responsibility. That’s our job, after all. That doesn’t give the public much chance to see the other side of Alpha Fire Company Volunteers, however. So many of our interactions with the public are during difficult times, it really does us good … [Read more...]

ALPHAbet Soup: Decoding The Acronyms For Alpha Volunteer Trainees

Over the next several months (and beyond), we’ll be focusing on aspects of training to become an Alpha Volunteer Firefighter in ways we’ve never tried before. This article kicks off our long-term education and recruiting information effort by decoding some of the “ALPHAbet Soup” of acronyms faced by new trainees and the exciting curriculum they are challenged with as new Alpha Fire Company Volunteers. [Read more...]

What Hollywood Gets Right & Wrong About Firefighters

Summer movies are in full swing! For nearly half a century, Hollywood movies and national television has been drawn to the core stories and inherent drama of firefighting and the unique relationships that develop within a fire company. And for just as long? They’ve gotten it right – and wrong – in equal measure. From the movie The Towering Inferno and the TV series Emergency! to Ron Howard’s blockbuster Backdraft and Denis Leary’s inimitable series Rescue … [Read more...]