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Basic Training For Alpha’s Includes EMT-Style Training

In every sense of the word, firefighters and fire police are truly first responders to all sorts of emergencies across our region. There’s no telling what they might be called on to do—from fighting fires and responding to vehicle and other accidents, to managing natural disasters and other emergencies that are as unpredictable as the wind. That’s why basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) style training – training in First Aid and CPR/AED – is one of the requirements included in Alpha … [Read more...]

The Fire Company: As American As Hot Dogs & Mom’s Apple Pie

We are full aware of the challenges faced by first responders over any holiday, particularly one like the 4th of July that can often include fireworks, picnics and close quarter activities in residential and public areas. Safety is never far from our minds, as you well know. However, when Ben Franklin formed the first all-volunteer fire company in Philadelphia in 1733, we’re not at all certain he ever imagined how synonymous fire companies would become with the nation’s birthday. Here, we … [Read more...]