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Alpha Fire Company Member Profile: Robert “Rob” Nese

Who would have guessed that an old scanner inside his grandfather’s house would spark the initiative to eventually become an Alpha Volunteer Firefighter, but that’s how it happened for Lieutenant and Equipment Technician Rob Nese. The community he serves is the community he loves—as evidenced in our first ever Alpha Member Profile! ABOUT ROB NESE: Rank:  Lieutenant/Equipment … [Read more...]

The Alpha Fire Police: The First Responders For The First Responders

Whether it’s a an accident on a highway, a fire in progress or any one of dozens of emergency responses or that demand the fire department or require crowd control, when you come upon the scene of a fire, rescue or emergency, the first Alpha Volunteers you see are often the Alpha Fire Police. Fire Police Are Often The First To Arrive, And Last To Leave. These women and men are members of the company who protect the fire fighters focused on the fire or rescue in progress. Alpha Fire Police … [Read more...]

The Good News & The Bad News—Alpha’s Facebook As A Diary

The followers of the Alpha Volunteer Fire Company Facebook page get rare insights into (and images from) the kind of things an Alpha Volunteer faces day-to-day or week- to-week. We try to remain neutral in our posts and simply describe what’s happened and share relevant pictures and insights—whether we’re visiting a school or managing an emergency or attending an event or any one of a hundred ways … [Read more...]