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Alpha Fire Company Member Profile: Mike Faustina

With family ties to firefighting dating back to childhood in New Jersey where he used to mop out the firehouse his dad worked in (and help wet down new apparatus) it’s likely Alpha Volunteer Mike Faustina was destined to become a firefighter. See how a neighbor (Chief Shawn Kauffman) helped give him the fateful nudge he needed. About Mike Faustina: Firefighter & Driver/Operator Education: Trade School Graduate as a Mechanical Draftsman Certifications: Firefighter 1, Hazmat … [Read more...]

Alpha Volunteers Develop Intangible Skills That Are Assets For Life.

We start this article with a departure from our website briefly. If you’ll take a moment to peek at the career development article we will be referencing… then what follows will make a lot more sense. Go ahead,, we’ll wait, it’ll open in a new window You can even just skim the headlines if you want. If you … [Read more...]