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Alpha Fire Company Member Profile: Jonathan Kim

Probationary firefighter Jonathan Kim first volunteered for fire service in his hometown of Wexford, just north of Pittsburgh, and actually “scouted” the Alpha Volunteer Fire Company when he was in the process of visiting colleges.  Alpha stood out as a place he really wanted to join—and the rest is history. And his future. About Jonathan Kim: Probationary Firefighter (as of 2019) Education: PSU Student Certifications: Firefighter 1, Engine PERT Current Job: Full Time Mechanical Engineering … [Read more...]

Do You Have Time To Be A Volunteer Firefighter?

Alpha Answers Some Frequently Asked Questions. Family first. Job second. Fire company third.  Far more often than you might realize, this is how the actual time commitment to volunteer firefighting nets out. And while it is true that the most intensive part of that commitment is your initial training itself, you’ll be pleased to know that the company works hard to accommodate everyday life. Training to become an Alpha is a serious commitment of time and energy—there’s a lot to learn in that … [Read more...]