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Alpha Fire Police Member Profile: Lieutenant Ted Gabriel

Northeastern Pennsylvania native Ted Gabriel has seen and done a lot through the years—from Air Force law enforcement specialist to Veterans Affairs Police Detective, to Veterans Affairs HR director to licensed Pastor.  All before he joined the Fire Police unit within the Alpha Volunteer Fire Company. Lt. Ted Gabriel Fire Police Lieutenant & Field Training Officer Alpha Since 2012 Education:  Joined Air Force at age 17 Current Job:  Retired. Several Times. Tell us a little … [Read more...]

Engine PERT at the Alpha Volunteer Fire Company:  Part of Basic Training

One of the reasons we created new video materials to support Alpha Volunteer Fire Company recruitment is that sometimes we just can’t tell you in writing how cool something really is. Take, for example, our Engine PERT (Pre Emergency Response Training) program.  If you simply take our brief description from our website, this is what you see: In this program, an Alpha trainee (probationary firefighter) learns the basic … [Read more...]