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Fire Facts: The Sources We Use To Support Our Stories.

In our very first member profile, Lieutenant Rob Nese shared a story about how his firefighter grandfather used to listen on a police scanner to “follow” local emergencies. Following the story on a scanner helped to build a fascination with fire service that laid the groundwork for Rob’s eventual calling in life—as a full time equipment technician and proud, veteran volunteer for the Alpha Fire … [Read more...]

When Is A Fire Engine Not A Fire Engine? When It’s A Fire Truck.

Every now and again we like to take a deeper dive into the tools of the trade for Alpha Volunteer Firefighters. None capture the imagination (or admiration) of firefighters more than the vehicles that have become emblematic of Fire Services: Fire Engines and Fire Trucks.   Our guess is when you see the telltale flashing lights and sparkling red-and-white blur of the vehicle, and hear the distinctive wail of the siren and powerful bleat of the air horn, you know a fire engine is on … [Read more...]