A Letter From Santa.

Here in the communications department, when we got word that Santa had reached out directly to Alpha with news about having to cancel the 2020 Santa Run throughout Centre Region, we thought it would be best to simply share that communication directly.

There are some things you get that you move to page one no matter what.

Below please find the word-for-word explanation from the Alpha Volunteer Fire Company that explains the pure, sometimes difficult, logic of listening to … [Read more...]

Alpha Volunteer Fire Company Member Profile: Colin Meyer

Growing up, Rescue Lieutenant Colin Meyer always had a fascination with firefighting and fire service, but didn't have the opportunity to pursue that interest until coming to State College for school several years ago.  As you will see from his profile, it's a decision so profound that it has created a desire for Colin to become a career firefighter as soon as possible. Colin Meyer: Rescue Lieutenant Certifications: Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, Hazmat Operations, Vehicle Rescue Technician, … [Read more...]

The New Normal is Anything But: Alpha Thanks First Responders.

What a difference a few months makes. It wasn’t so long ago we were looking forward to filling out our NCAA brackets and cheering the appearance of a famous PA groundhog’s shadow to usher in a welcomed early spring. Now, seemingly overnight, in almost every facet of our daily lives, the American people are resolute and sequestered participants in a life-and-death war of self-discipline against an unseen enemy: a novel virus never before encountered by humankind. City dwellers, … [Read more...]

First Response Reminders During COVID-19 Outbreak

The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) recently shared a simple but important reminder video about an additional step we can all take should we need to call 911 or reach out to first responders during this critical stay-at-home stage in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. The gist? Even though an emergency call is an extreme moment—remember to share the current health status of individuals in extremis with first responders. [Read more...]

Happy Belated Birthday, Smokey Bear

The latter part of our summer has featured a lot of warm, (hot), dry weather that’s likely encouraged many outdoor enthusiasts in our area to squeeze in—or plan to squeeze in—a little more fun in the outdoor sun before fall arrives. But before heading into the mountains for a peaceful stretch of hiking, fishing and camping out—we need to remind you of a birthday. Yes, it’s belated—but when it comes to our subject? Every day is this iconic fellow’s birthday. A Birthday Wish For Fire Safety … [Read more...]