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Alpha Volunteer Fire Company Member Profile: Robert Kurzinger Jr.

We first met Robert Kurzinger Jr. when we drafted him to be part of Alpha's first television commercial recruitment campaign.  In 2007, he'd already been an Alpha for 16 years--and represented the quiet everyman committed to doing what was needed for the Fire Company.  As you'll see in this member profile--he remains a man of few words committed to the job at hand, and the people around him. Robert Kurzinger … [Read more...]

Alpha Fire Company Member Profile: Vincent Agresto

Firefighter Vincent Agresto is a renaissance man, Alpha style--who balances a challenging and rewarding day job, a love of family and community, and a genuine thirst for helping others.  As you will learn in his gregarious profile, the native New Yorker has taken life as it has come to him, and followed his passions to rewarding conclusions and new beginnings both personally and professionally. Vincent Agresto:  Firefighter Certifications: Firefighter 1, Engine and Truck Qualified Education:  … [Read more...]

Alpha Fire Company Member Profile: Jonathan Kim

Probationary firefighter Jonathan Kim first volunteered for fire service in his hometown of Wexford, just north of Pittsburgh, and actually “scouted” the Alpha Volunteer Fire Company when he was in the process of visiting colleges.  Alpha stood out as a place he really wanted to join—and the rest is history. And his future. About Jonathan Kim: Probationary Firefighter (as of 2019) Education: PSU Student Certifications: Firefighter 1, Engine PERT Current Job: Full Time Mechanical Engineering … [Read more...]

Do You Have Time To Be A Volunteer Firefighter?

Alpha Answers Some Frequently Asked Questions. Family first. Job second. Fire company third.  Far more often than you might realize, this is how the actual time commitment to volunteer firefighting nets out. And while it is true that the most intensive part of that commitment is your initial training itself, you’ll be pleased to know that the company works hard to accommodate everyday life. Training to become an Alpha is a serious commitment of time and energy—there’s a lot to learn in that … [Read more...]

Alpha Fire Company Member Profile: Mike Faustina

With family ties to firefighting dating back to childhood in New Jersey where he used to mop out the firehouse his dad worked in (and help wet down new apparatus) it’s likely Alpha Volunteer Mike Faustina was destined to become a firefighter. See how a neighbor (Chief Shawn Kauffman) helped give him the fateful nudge he needed. About Mike Faustina: Firefighter & Driver/Operator Education: Trade School Graduate as a Mechanical Draftsman Certifications: Firefighter 1, Hazmat … [Read more...]

Alpha Volunteers Develop Intangible Skills That Are Assets For Life.

We start this article with a departure from our website briefly. If you’ll take a moment to peek at the career development article we will be referencing… then what follows will make a lot more sense. Go ahead,, we’ll wait, it’ll open in a new window You can even just skim the headlines if you want. If you … [Read more...]

Alpha Fire Company Member Profile: Clifford “Cliff” Lutz

30 Years as an Alpha will teach you a thing or two -- or 200 -- as evidenced by this month's profile of firefighter Cliff Lutz. As you will see, what you get out of Alpha is equal to or greater than what you put into it.  As our final profile of 2018, take a moment to see how the deep tradition, community value and family spirit of the Alpha Volunteer Fire Company doesn't change from year to year, or decade to decade. About Clifford Lutz: Firefighter & … [Read more...]

Alpha Fire Company Member Profile: Alexa Tiemann

Firefighter Alexa Tiemann took a suggestion from a PSU professor and ran with it. The result? She joined the Alpha Volunteer Fire Company in 2017 as a full-time live-in member while being a full-time student. The experience, as you will see, has been—and continues to be—a welcome challenge and an absolute blast every day she wakes up. About Alexa Tiemann: Firefighter & EMT Education: Studying Security Risk Analysis at Penn State Certifications: Firefighter 1 and GS2 Alpha Since … [Read more...]